How to play blackjack online

Online blackjack is one of the most loved casino games. This card game has simple rules and great chances of winning. Previously, blackjack was only available at land-based casinos. Today, every online casino has this thrilling game to offer its users.

There are two ways for players to play blackjack:

  • live casino game – entertainment takes place with the participation of a real dealer in live mode;
  • play against the system – the player’s opponent is the computer mechanism.

It is entirely up to the player to decide which method to choose. Both forms of cash games are very attractive. Playing in live mode can surely guarantee the players exciting emotions and unforgettable impressions. All entertainment takes place with a professional dealer and is no different than playing in a real casino. We recommend that you try each of these ways to see which is the best. Below we will check what online casinos have to offer to play blackjack.

Finding a gambling operator that offers blackjack is not a problem. The card game is available at all reputable online casinos. The Polish online casino also boasts a rich library of table games, including a game of blackjack. Interestingly, most gambling websites offer players the opportunity to play in demo mode. This is an ideal opportunity to acquire the necessary skills before playing for real money online.

We present a list of solvent online casinos that have blackjack to offer: Vulkan Bet, EnergyCasino, VulkanVegas, Spinia, Slottica, ZetCasino and many more. Blackjack is quite legal in Poland. By choosing reputable casinos, we can be sure that our money will always be safe, and the fun will be random and fair.

Black jack online is extremely popular due to its lightning-fast gameplay. Even newbies can win big because the rules of this game are very simple to understand.

Black Jack – the rules of the card game

Before playing table games, it is worth studying the rules of the game carefully. For fun fans who have not yet played blackjack, we will describe the important rules of the game and explain how this gambling game works in virtual casinos.

Blackjack – rules:

  • The deck of cards consists of 52 cards.
  • The goal of the participant in the game is to collect 21 points or the result closest to that number.
  • Every blackjack player must know the score of the cards.
  • While playing, the player plays against the casino and against the dealer.

Playing Black jack starts with placing a stake. Each of the participants of the game receives 2 cards. The participant’s cards are always face up. The dealer has only one card face up. The player may make one of the following moves: draw cards, check, insure the bet, double the stake or double the bet.

How does blackjack card counting work? Scoring cards is not difficult. Cards 2 through 10 have a value equal to the value of the card itself. An ace counts as 11 or 1. Jack, King and Queen have the meanings of 10. The player whose cards are 21 or the closest to it wins and may then withdraw a winnings. The blackjack strategy is based on the analysis of 2 player cards and 1 dealer card. This approach allows players to both reduce the dealer’s edge and get a real win in the game.

As we can see, the rules of blackjack are easy to understand. We can try our luck in live or demo mode without any additional formalities.

The most popular types of online blackjack

Today there are many variations of the game of blackjack. Online casinos provide players with new casino games every day, including different variations of blackjack. Black Switch, Double Jack, Spanish Blackjack, Strip Black Jack are very popular among gambling enthusiasts. Interestingly, Strip Black Jack is played with 4 decks of cards. Unfortunately, there is no split bet option in this game. In addition, the dealer can stop players from drawing cards at any time if they accumulate 17 points.

The most popular types of blackjack are based on the rules of the classic type of game, but with additional options.

There are also other varieties of blackjack:

  • progressive blackjack – offers players to get a progressive jackpot for collecting certain card combinations;
  • European Blackjack – entertainment is ENHC;
  • American blackjack – the dealer is dealt 2 cards: face up and down.

Later in this article we will take a closer look at these varieties of blackjack and explain the basic differences between them.

How to Play Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack means that we can get a progressive jackpot while playing. However, this is not the main stake in the game. The conditions for obtaining the jackpot vary according to the stake type. Some bets guarantee players a progressive jackpot for four Ace cards, others require the Aces to be of the same suit. Importantly, the game of progressive black jack is played with the use of eight decks of cards.

The rules for playing progressive blackjack are the same as in the classic version of the game, but there is a progressive jackpot involved. There is a table at players’ disposal to help them make the right decisions during the game. The Blackjack table contains the optimal moves for each situation. The only drawback is the advantage of the virtual casino over the players compared to other types of blackjack. Often, in land-based casinos, several tables can be played at the same time.

European Blackjack – basic characteristics

European Blackjack comes from Europe and is very similar to the classic variation of the game. The game is distinguished by the rules of distributing cards to players. At the beginning, the dealer deals himself 1 card. She is discovered. After all players in the game have finished their draw, the dealer may draw a second card. Like Strip Black Jack, this variation of blackjack can be played with 4 decks of cards.

During such fun, you can earn real money without unnecessary formalities. The rules and rules of the game are simple to understand and require no additional skills from the players. It is important to know your card scores and learn to analyze your cards and the dealer’s cards.

American Blackjack – important features

Another popular variation of this amazing game is American blackjack. This type of fun is most common in virtual casinos. Unlike the European version, the dealer gets not one, but two cards at the beginning of the game. The task of the player who plays against the casino is to get the number of points closest to 21. The American version of online blackjack is often called Vegas Strip or Atlantic City. These are the types of American Blackjack that differ in some rules.

Is live blackjack available at online casinos

Many gambling sites offer players the option of activating blackjack in live mode. A live casino offers a variety of real-time gameplay. The entertainment takes place with the participation of a real dealer who deals the players with cards. Thanks to webcams, we can follow the dealer from the comfort of our own home. Playing in live mode is a great alternative to casino gameplay.

Live Blackjack can prove to be a great option for players who like to bet high. Many players prefer to play live because the pace in the live version is slower, especially if there are several participants. Players can independently regulate the course of the game and stop the entertainment at any time.

Casino bonuses to play blackjack

Casinos with a no deposit bonus offer players a lot of permanent and temporary promotions. Gambling fans can spend the obtained prizes on blackjack games, thus increasing their chances of gaining additional benefits. Casino bonuses are a good opportunity to test the gambling portal and the best casino games without having to spend your own costs.

Not only new virtual casino users can count on winning generous prizes. Gambling sites have a lot of thrilling perks to offer for loyal customers. For regularity and activity in online casinos, regular customers can get extra money, better payout limits, win multipliers and other rewards.

The most popular casino bonuses to play blackjack are:

  • no deposit registration bonus – cash reward for creating an account on a gambling portal;
  • cashback – reimbursement of a part of lost costs;
  • bet or win multipliers – the player’s stake or the prize obtained during the game is multiplied;
  • promotional codes – they guarantee additional money for players using a bonus code when creating an account or making a deposit.

All bonus prizes are subject to wagering requirements. Before taking advantage of the promotional offer, it is worth checking the bonus conditions. Often, virtual casinos organize various blackjack tournaments, offering great prizes to the winners.


Playing blackjack provides players with a fantastic thrill of entertainment. The game can be activated in demo mode at no charge. Free casino games without logging in is a good option to try your luck and get the experience you need. In virtual casinos you will find a lot of different types of blackjack. We can also activate the game in live mode in the comfort of our own apartment.

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